When this letter reaches, you those inside Lal Masjid might have been martyred. Around 15,000 security forces and paramilitary troops with all their sophisticated weaponry would have crushed unarmed and innocent students. They would have conquered the Lal Masjid and Jamiah Hafsah. Lal Masjid is looking like Karbala at this time. The scattered bodies of martyrs, the cries of wounded students, the destroyed minarets of mosque and its four walls are crying for we have been only been punished for demanding Islamic Shariah for which 600,000 people were martyred when Pakistan came into being.

In this entire scenario the unexpected arrest and interview of the Head Cleric of Lal Masjid and the founder of the student's movement Maulana Abdul Aziz dressed in a Burqa caused a lot of disappointment among the Islamists. The Media deliberately tried to paint a wrong picture of it and most of the people were deceived. Ordinary people thought that Maulana Abdul Aziz was trying to escape from the fear of death and he was leaving behind his sincere companions and students. Those people who don't have any abilities to analyze the situation should think that if Maulana Abdul Aziz was really trying to escape from death then why would his son, daughter, mother, wife, and myself (his brother), his sincerest companions and students not follow the same strategy?

I believe that instead of refuting allegations of our opponents it is more relevant to tell our broken hearted supporters that Maulana Abdul Aziz became a victim of enemy's conspiracy. Even though there is a certain mystery is drawn over his arrest, with the passage of time the truth will be revealed. We know how much Maulana Abdul Aziz loves martyrdom in the way of Allah and what an enthusiastic Mujahid he is in the caravan of Jihad. The only mistake he made was trusting some people at a very critical time and he will have to suffer the consequences of this mistake. The truth is that Maulana Abdul Aziz was not afraid of death; neither was he fleeing from it. He had written his will, taken Ghusl and was waiting for martyrdom but then a ray of hope that the lives of the rest of the people could be saved created the resulting trouble. Rest assured, that in the near future the trith will be revealed,

I must say that Maulana Abdul Aziz and his companions started the movement only for the pleasure of Allah and implementation of Shariah. The amendments in Hududullah [limits set by Allah], destruction of mosques, the spreading of vulgarity and nudity, self made explanations of Islamic creed, military assaults on the Jihadists, handing over Muslims to Kuffar's prisons like sheep and goats, and the wide-spread secularism were not bearable for us and these are the reasons why we decided to launch the movement. I also want to clarify that none of the students inside Lal Masjid or Jamiah Hafsah were forced to stay with us. All the students remained with us at their own will. Their hearts have been changed by hearing the speeches of Maulana Abdul Aziz.

I also want to mention that we want the just system of Islam in our country. We are looking forward to seeing the implementation of Shariah laws in the courts of justice. We want the poor to have justice and bread. We want to end bribery, illegal methods, favoritism, injustice, and vulgarity. The solution to all these problems is the implementation of Islam and that is the only solution. This is the order of Allah and also a demand of the constitution of Pakistan. We have denied the comforts of this life and instead have chosen the difficulties of this path. We are fully aware of what we are doing and we have chosen the life of the hereafter over the life of this world.

The courage of students with me is sky high and I would not be wrong in saying that their courage is a source of motivation for me. I ask what crime have these students committed? Is the punishment of standing in the way of Allah with the intention of correction of some wrong people a reason to destroy innocent people with explosives? There are people who claim that we challenged the writ of the state but why did they deny the laws of Allah and challenged His writ? These people who have fired bullets on the bodies of students of Quran and Hadeeth are oppressors indeed.

On this occasion the media has also shown its biased behavior. but we leave this matter with Allah. In the end, as a part of my will, I would repeat my words to the Islamists, the members of our movement, the students, their relatives and the media that our movement was started with sincere purposes. We remain firm on our demands of implementation of Shariah. We are satisfied that we chose the way of sacrifice. Sacrificing life for the implementation of Islam is an honor to us. We are not disappointed in the mercy of Allah and we believe that our blood will become the message of revolution. This world sometimes labeled us as the agents of taghut and sometimes they labeled as us mad fanatics. But today the rain of bullets is proof that we are fighting in the way of Allah. Indeed the people of truth faced different trials. If our Amir Sayyidina Hussein R.A. was martyred in helplessness then we are proud to be part of the same caravan. InshaAllah, the Islamic revolution will come to this country.
The Gardens will perceive spring but we will not be there to see it.

Ghazi Abdul Rashid
Date Unknown